Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Rock Came Outta Nowhere!

"Momma, can I practice riding my scooter?"

"Sweetie, we're just getting back from the church Easter egg hunt." She lugged the kid's car seat carrier out of the back seat of the car.

"Chloe, let's help Momma get Peyton inside and then I'll come out and watch you. I spotted a bush I need to trim anyway," Daddy said.

I clapped my hands. "Yay. Thanks Daddy."

MeMe and PopPop found the scooter at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I had practiced riding it only three times.

"We'll be back in soon, dear. I know Chloe needs a bath. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday morning." Daddy pulled the door shut behind him. "Stay right in our driveway, okay? I'm gonna clip those few branches I missed right over there."

"Okay, Daddy." I strapped on the little helmet MeMe bought to match my pretty pink scooter. The perfect color for me.

I rode up and down the driveway, but I needed a little bit of a hill like the street right in front of the house.

"Daddy, can I try riding in the road just once?"

"We probably need to be getting inside."

"You're right there to watch me. I want to see if I can go better on that little hill."

"I guess. But just once."

I positioned the scooter and kicked off. I whooshed to the bottom of the hill and jumped off. "That was fun!" I picked up the scooter and ran toward Daddy. "Daddy, did you see that?"

"Yep. We better go inside. We'll come back out tomorrow afternoon for you to ride again." Daddy turned and started to walk toward the house.

I looked at my scooter and then at the hill. I could zoom down one more time and be back to the house before Daddy reached the front door.

I hurriedly hopped onto the scooter and pushed off. I headed down the hill, but the wheels were crooked. Suddenly the scooter hit a rock and stopped, but I kept going. I flew over the top and crashed to the ground, catching myself with my right hand.

"Chloe! Are you all right?" Daddy ran up and knelt beside me.

"Daddy, the rock came outta nowhere." I sat up and moved my right arm. "Ouch"

"What hurts?"

I stretched out my right arm and realized that wasn't a good idea. Tears dripped down my face. "Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry."

"Come on. We need to get that arm checked out."

The next several hours were a blur. Emergency room. X-rays. And a cast on my arm. My wrist was broken. I wouldn't be riding my scooter for a long time.

Chloe got in a hurry and became careless. Have you ever had a time when you've gotten into a hurry and been careless? What happened?

Chloe should have obeyed her daddy. Now she has to deal with a broken wrist. What kind of problems do you think a broken wrist will create for Chloe?

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