Wednesday, April 26, 2017

5-Star Reviews!

The Adventures of Chloe Ann Parker - Kindergarten has two 5-star reviews on Amazon! 

This review is written by my eight year old daughter:
I think this book was amazing. And I like how Chloe Ann was so creative. I think the author really made Chloe come to life. I can so imagine I might meet someone exactly like her. I felt really close to the character because I can relate to her and I think other kids can too. How the character acted was realistic. I also loved the recipe for edible play-do! I'll definitely try that sometime!

My first grader, as well as my 5th grader both love this book!! It is very well written, and full of adventure. If you enjoy books such as Junie B., you will love this series as well. As a parent, I highly recommend! 

Yay! Way to go, Chloe. 

Parents, if you and your child have read a Chloe book, please consider posting a short review like these. Reviews help spread the word to other kids who might enjoy reading of Chloe's adventures. 

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