Thursday, March 30, 2017

Word Search Puzzle

Hey! Notice there's been a new tab added called Chloe's Stuff. That's the place to find the upcoming coloring pages. But while you're waiting for those, why not try out a word search puzzle.

Simply click on the Chloe's Stuff tab and scroll down to download and print Chloe's Kindergarten Word Search. Have fun finding words from her first book, The Adventures of Chloe Ann Parker - Kindergarten. Those words can be backwards, diagonal - look hard.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Coloring Pages!

Hey all you friends of Chloe Ann Parker, get your colored pencils or crayons ready.

Chloe's artist, Arielle, is busy making some coloring pages for us to enjoy.

How much fun is that?

I can't wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Art Day

"Momma, can you listen right now? I want to tell you about our Art Day."

"Yes, sweetheart. Let me put Peyton down on the blanket for some tummy time." She laid the kid on the floor and then sat down on the couch. "Now, what's this about Art Day?"

"Today was a whole day of art. Isn't that fabulous?"

"That does sound fabulous."

"My first project was to make a picture like this scissor artist we learned about. One person's looked like the eyes-full tower. But I didn't think it looked like eyes at all."

"I think that would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris."

"Oh, that does make more sense. And we learned about Van Gogh. Did you know he cut off his ear and sent it to his brother? Isn't that icky?"

Momma nodded.

"Then I had to draw a vase and we put sunflowers in it. The sunflowers were made out of yellow paper cups like you use for blueberry muffins."

"Muffin liners."

"Yeah, and we cut them to look like the petals and then put black birdseed in the middle, but we couldn't eat the seeds. Mrs. Church had to help me scoop out a little of the glue for my seeds. I had a big puddle. But it really looked like bootiful sunflowers."

"That does sound pretty."

"Mrs. Sonon had us make water lilies. First we had to sponge paint the water on our paper. I still have blue under my fingernails on this hand. I was holding the paper as I dabbed it with the blue paint and I accidentally dabbed it on my fingers." I giggled. "Mrs. Sonon laughed and said, 'Don't get too carried away there, Chloe.' Then she showed us how to use thin thin colored paper to make the lilies and lily pads. I think that was my favorite."

"Sounds like quite a day."

"Yeah. I wonder if I might be an artist some day?"

"You just might."

"But don't worry. I won't be cutting off my ear and sending it to you. That gives me the heebie geebies." I shuddered.

Chloe got to try different types of art projects. What type of art do you like to do? Why do you like that type of art?

Chloe says she might become an artist one day. What do you think would be fun about being an artist?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Let's Catch a Leprechaun

As soon as I walked into Mrs. Taylor's classroom, I stopped. Everyone stopped.

"Whoa, would you look at that," Mrs. Taylor said. "Looks like there's been a leprechaun here."

All the bags with our supplies in them were pulled off the back of the chairs.

"Class, he left us a riddle." Mrs. Taylor pointed to the board. "Why do people wear shamrocks around their necks?"

Ryan shrugged. "For good luck?"

"Guess we'll have to see if he lets us know the answer. Go ahead and pick up your supply caddies and put them back on your chairs."

"Looks like we better get our leprechaun traps in here," Kelly said.

"Yep. I'm still thinking about my trap." I picked up my supply bag and hung it back over my chair.

Amy tapped my shoulder. "Did you ask your mom and dad about Art Club tomorrow?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm going to stay. I can't wait."

Later we got the answer to the riddle from our leprechaun. He wrote out that the reason people wear shamrocks is because regular rocks were too heavy. Very funny. 

On Tuesday we discovered that we actually had two leprechauns, Lucky and Liam. They had moved our book boxes and pulled out all of the books.

We only had a couple of traps, but everyone said they were planning on bringing their traps before Thursday. We needed to try and catch those two.

That afternoon I followed Mrs. Taylor into Mrs. Sonon's room for Art Club.

Mrs. Church gave me a small square and showed me how to cut a design out of two sides and tape them to the opposite sides. "Now you have a tessellation. Let me show you how to trace it on your paper."

I followed her directions, filling my page. "Mrs. Church?" I held up my paper.

"What do you think yours looks like? Hmm, maybe a shark?" She studied it.

"I think it looks like a rooster!"

"Oh, you're right. Why don't you take that home to color? You can start working on your monster collage."

I walked around the tables and found the colors I wanted. Then I started cutting shapes to make funny monsters. "Hey, Jill, what do you think of this one? I'm thinking he needs stripes."

"Yeah, some stripes. Look." She held up her paper. "I gave this one spiked hair."

I giggled. "I like it."

McKenzie pointed to her page. "This one's got spots."

I nodded. My friends had been right. Art Club was fun.

"Let me have your monster collages. We'll finish those next time." Mrs. Church collected the papers.

"Aw, that went too fast."

That night I worked really hard on my leprechaun trap. When I finished, I showed Momma and Daddy how it would work. "See? This sign tells the leprechauns that they can slide down into a bunch of gold coins. I used a paper towel tube for the slide, so they couldn't see what they are really sliding into. At the bottom is one of those sticky traps Momma used to catch a mouse one time."

"Clever," Daddy said.

On Friday I told Mr. and Mrs. Brooks all about the week, trying to catch leprechauns. "One day they had been through all of the traps with candy. They ate the candy and threw the paper all over the place. They turned the behavior chart upside down. Mrs. Taylor showed them. She turned it back around and put their clips on red." I took a bite of a cookie. "Mrs. Taylor told us this afternoon that she hoped they would be on their way back to Ireland because they had caused enough trouble." I grabbed a piece of paper that I brought with me. "I wrote down the note they left us today. 'We've been tricky. It's been fun. See you next year, my wee ones. Liam and Lucky.' Can you believe that? Not one trap could catch those pesky fellows."

Mr. Brooks shook his head. "And after you had such a good trap."

"I know. Daddy said it was clever." I shrugged. "Guess I'll have to be cleverer next year."

Chloe made a leprechaun trap to catch their two pesky fellows. What kind of trap might you create? Describe it.

Chloe had fun trying out a club at her school. Since she likes making things, the Art Club was perfect for her. What kind of club would you like to go to? Why would you like that club?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Guess I'll Go Away

Daddy picked me up again on Friday from school. "Hey, how was school?"

"Not bad. We've been working on time. You know, looking at a clock and writing down what time it says. I think I've got that. Much better than all that regrouping stuff." I wrinkled my nose and shook my head.

Daddy chuckled. "We'll be especially quiet when we get home. I'm hoping Momma and Peyton are still napping."

Surprisingly, the house was quiet when we walked in. Daddy gave me a thumbs-up and motioned for me to follow him into the kitchen.

"There's a couple of Meme's muffins left. Want one?"

"Sure. I'll make us some chocolate milk."

"Perfect," Daddy whispered.

We ate in silence then Daddy wiped his mouth with his napkin. "Do you have any homework to do?"

"Just my reading."

"I think I'll sneak in some studying for my sermon for Sunday while it's quiet."

I knew where Daddy would study. He would sit in his big recliner chair in the den. All kinds of books and papers were stacked on the table beside of him.

"I got a book from the library. I can study with you."

"Sounds good."

We settled into the den, but we only had about thirty minutes of quiet. A cry burst through the baby radio thing on the table. Daddy closed two books on his lap and started to push the foot thing down, but we could hear Momma's voice over the radio.

In just a few minutes Momma came into the den carrying the kid. "Hey Sweetie. How was school?"

"Good. Like I told Daddy, we're studying telling time ..."

The kid's crying interrupted me.

"I think he's hungry. Be right back."

Daddy stood. "Here, I'll help you. He gets impatient."

All three of them walked toward the kitchen. Guess I'll tell Momma later about my day. That kid sure knows how to interrupt me. 

During supper Momma talked about things she needed from the store for the kid. As soon as the dishes were in the dishwasher, Daddy left for the store. Momma hurried upstairs to change the kid's diaper.

I ran upstairs to my bedroom and fell onto my bed. I just don't fit in here anymore. I don't think they need me. 

The Brooks' would only make me come right back home if I went there. I jumped off the bed. I knew the perfect place to go.

I piled my sleeping bag, pillow, and lantern flashlight into my old wagon. Tiptoeing back into the kitchen, I grabbed a couple of juice boxes and some cheese crackers and added them to my supplies.

I pulled my things across the street as fast as I could without dumping the wagon and parked it under the big tree. The broom was still on Sara's back porch, so I raced over and hauled it up the ladder to the treehouse.

Dust flew everywhere as I swept out the one room. I sneezed three times. Finally it was cleared out enough to make my new bedroom. I smoothed out the sleeping bag and put my pillow at the top. My lantern was right beside me along with my snacks. I laid down on my tummy and looked out the front opening.

The sky was a little bit dark. I clicked on my flashlight. Outside it got even blacker. I didn't much care for the dark. In my bedroom I had a little nightlight. But I sat up and moved my lantern closer. Was that a noise? My hands got a little shaky. I hugged my pillow tight. I would be safe up here, right?

"Chloe, are you up there?" Daddy's voice called out.


"I sure hope it's you. Our family isn't complete without my Chloe-girl."

I leaned out the doorway. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

I threw my legs over the edge of the treehouse. "I figured you had a new kid and didn't need me anymore." My lip quivered.

"Are you kidding?" Daddy climbed up the ladder and sat down beside me. "You are a very special part of our family. No one can take your place. It will take some time to get used to not being the only child. I had to do that."

"You did?"

"Of course. And I have a younger brother and a younger sister." He put his arm around me and hugged. "So I can help you learn to be a big sister. I have experience." He kissed the top of my head. "And please don't run away again. I don't like it when you're not in our family. I love you."

"Okay Daddy. I love you too." I looked around. It was almost all the way dark now. "I didn't much like being out here in the dark by myself."

"I don't really like it either. Let's go home."

When I walked through the front door, Momma rushed up and hugged me. "Please don't scare me like that again."

"I'm sorry to scare you, Momma." My eyes felt wet.

"And I'm sorry that I haven't been able to pay attention to you. But we all have to learn how to be a family. A family of four now. Will you work with me? Tell me when you feel left out?"

"Sure, Momma. At least I only have to get used to one kid. Poor Daddy had to get used to two."

Why did Chloe feel like she didn't fit into the family anymore?

Running away wasn't the answer for Chloe. What suggestions would you give Chloe on how to deal with change in the family?  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Get Used to Him?

"Chloe, could you come here a moment, please?" Mrs. Taylor motioned me to her desk. "Your daddy is here to pick you up a little bit early, so get your backpack from the hallway and I'll put your folder in." She kept her voice low.

"Okay." I walked fast to the hall and grabbed my backpack and jacket. MeMe had told me this morning I would probably be picked up early if Momma and the kid came home.

I tiptoed back to Mrs. Taylor's desk. She shoved my folder inside my backpack and zipped it up. "I'll see you tomorrow." She winked.

As I walked toward the front office I wondered if having Momma and the kid home would make things a little better. Poor MeMe just couldn't seem to help me with the Read Across America Week dress-up days. Hopefully Momma would have time to help me with Wacky Wednesday tomorrow.

"Hey, there's my girl. Come on. I brought Momma and Peyton home." Daddy patted my back. "It'll be so good to have everyone back at home together again."

I smiled, but I wasn't sure how I felt.

Daddy pulled the front door open and a shrill cry echoed our way. I glanced up at Daddy. He nodded and gently pushed me toward the living room.

Momma held the kid on her shoulder and banged on his back. She smiled. "Chloe, sweetie, come here." She held one arm out. I could barely hear her above the kid's screaming.

I ran into Momma's arm and she hugged me. "What's wrong with him?"

"Probably gas. Babies sometimes have trouble with that." Momma patted his back more.

All of the sudden a huge burping sound flew out of the kid's mouth. How could something so small burp that loud?

"There now. He should feel better." Momma slid him off her shoulder and into her elbow.

He stared at me.

I looked at Momma. "Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday. I need to wear my clothes all backwards and crazy."

"That sounds like fun."

"Yeah and then on Thursday I need to dress like some story character."

Momma patted my arm. "We'll have to think about that." She stood up slowly. "Right now I need to change a diaper."

Momma shuffled past me, and my nose sniffed at the wrong time. "Ew." I fanned my nose.

"Here, let me take him," MeMe said.

"Are you sure?" Momma said.

"Of course. Come here you little precious thing."

"He doesn't smell too precious to me." I continued to fan my nose.

I settled into bed after Daddy tucked me in. As he walked out loud crying came from the kid's room across the hall. I rolled my eyes. Didn't he know I needed to get some sleep for school tomorrow?

Twice during the night the screaming woke me up.

The next morning when MeMe woke me up, I was so tired.

All day long at school I yawned and yawned.

Everybody in Mrs. Taylor's class was talking about what character they were going to dress up as tomorrow. I still had no idea.

At home that afternoon everybody was so busy with the kid that I knew exactly what I needed to do. "Momma, Daddy, can I go over to Sara's house?"

"Be back before supper," Daddy said.

I nodded and dashed across the street. When I stepped onto the small porch, the front door opened.

"Well, hello there. Your Momma just called and told me you were coming for a visit." Sara smiled.

"Yep. I need some help." My shoulders drooped.

"Come on in."

I followed her to the den and plopped down into a chair.

"Now, what can I do for you? You look a little down."

"MeMe came to stay with me. She isn't very good with the dress-up days at school. Then Momma and the kid came home and it got badder. That kid screams so loud. He made me wake up last night. Momma says he gots gas." I rolled my eyes. "So I asked Momma to help me with dressing up like a story character, but she just doesn't have time. Everybody's so busy with him. I just don't know if I'll ever get used to that kid." I folded my arms across my chest and huffed out a big breath.

"It will take some time to get used to him. But he has to get used to you too."


Sara nodded. "Just think about it. When he was in your momma's belly, he didn't have to cry for anything. He had everything right there. Now he has to cry when he needs something. And he has to get used to you and being out in the big world."

"I never thought about that."

Sara leaned forward and rubbed her hands together. "Now, about that story character. I think I have just the thing."


"Yeah." She jumped up and grabbed a book from her tote. "Have you ever read this book about an imaginary friend?"

I shook my head.

Sara read the story to me.

"I love that story."

"Me too. You can go as an imaginary friend. We'll make you a name tag. I have a lanyard you can borrow."

I jumped up and down. "I love it." I hugged Sara. "Thank you."

She winked. "Here, use my markers and decorate your name tag."

I couldn't wait for everyone to see who my story character was. Sara let me borrow her book, so I could show everyone where my character came from.

Why do you think Chloe thinks she will never get used to having her little brother home?

If you had to dress as your favorite story character, who would it be? Why would you dress as that character?

Friday, March 3, 2017

50 Precious Words Challenge

Our regularly scheduled Chloe post will still happen tomorrow. But I'm posting this 50 word story for a Seussical type challenge by Vivian Kirkfield. I had to come up with a story with only 50 words. Since the losing of teeth has been a hot topic at school lately, that became my theme.
For my Chloe readers - this challenge of using 50 words to create a story was given to Dr Seuss. He came up with Green Eggs and Ham. There are only 50 various words utilized in that book. This is a great ending to our Read Across America Week activities. But the challenge from Ms. Kirkfield was to have a maximum word count of only 50 words, not including title.
Here's what I came up with:

Maddie’s Loose Tooth

Maddie’s tooth wiggles.
It needs to come out.
Biting an apple; tying a string
But the tooth held stout.

Maddie danced on the porch
One very rainy day.
Though grandma warned
Maddie didn’t obey.

Down she splatted
Flat on the floor.
She should’ve listened
But her tooth was no more!