Saturday, March 25, 2017

Art Day

"Momma, can you listen right now? I want to tell you about our Art Day."

"Yes, sweetheart. Let me put Peyton down on the blanket for some tummy time." She laid the kid on the floor and then sat down on the couch. "Now, what's this about Art Day?"

"Today was a whole day of art. Isn't that fabulous?"

"That does sound fabulous."

"My first project was to make a picture like this scissor artist we learned about. One person's looked like the eyes-full tower. But I didn't think it looked like eyes at all."

"I think that would be the Eiffel Tower in Paris."

"Oh, that does make more sense. And we learned about Van Gogh. Did you know he cut off his ear and sent it to his brother? Isn't that icky?"

Momma nodded.

"Then I had to draw a vase and we put sunflowers in it. The sunflowers were made out of yellow paper cups like you use for blueberry muffins."

"Muffin liners."

"Yeah, and we cut them to look like the petals and then put black birdseed in the middle, but we couldn't eat the seeds. Mrs. Church had to help me scoop out a little of the glue for my seeds. I had a big puddle. But it really looked like bootiful sunflowers."

"That does sound pretty."

"Mrs. Sonon had us make water lilies. First we had to sponge paint the water on our paper. I still have blue under my fingernails on this hand. I was holding the paper as I dabbed it with the blue paint and I accidentally dabbed it on my fingers." I giggled. "Mrs. Sonon laughed and said, 'Don't get too carried away there, Chloe.' Then she showed us how to use thin thin colored paper to make the lilies and lily pads. I think that was my favorite."

"Sounds like quite a day."

"Yeah. I wonder if I might be an artist some day?"

"You just might."

"But don't worry. I won't be cutting off my ear and sending it to you. That gives me the heebie geebies." I shuddered.

Chloe got to try different types of art projects. What type of art do you like to do? Why do you like that type of art?

Chloe says she might become an artist one day. What do you think would be fun about being an artist?

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