Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Christening the TAG Blog

What an exciting day! I'm feeling like I should grab my favorite soda and smash it against my laptop just like they do with ships when christening them.

Please take a look at my bio and become familiar with who I am. Then make sure to look at the blurb, explaining what TAG is and notice our supporter, Prism Book Group.

The principal and assistant principal at my school have been allowing me to go into various classrooms to share about writing. One of my main first goals was to motivate and get the students excited about writing.

Too often when a teacher announces that the class will be writing, the students groan. This challenged me to come up with creative writing activities to change their minds about writing altogether.

Teachers have also admitted that they don't enjoy teaching writing to their students. Some say this is due to the fact that they were never trained to be good writers themselves and have a hard time imparting such wisdom to their students. Others are at a loss with all of their responsibilities to have the time to create lessons in writing.

This is where Mrs. Mowery - that's me - steps in. There are no other tasks I would rather do than to write, teach about writing, and see other writers succeed.

This blog is where I will share about what my writing peeps and I are doing. I will share lessons that teachers can use in their classroom. I will share some of the kids' writing. I will share tips on improving writing.

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