Friday, March 3, 2017

50 Precious Words Challenge

Our regularly scheduled Chloe post will still happen tomorrow. But I'm posting this 50 word story for a Seussical type challenge by Vivian Kirkfield. I had to come up with a story with only 50 words. Since the losing of teeth has been a hot topic at school lately, that became my theme.
For my Chloe readers - this challenge of using 50 words to create a story was given to Dr Seuss. He came up with Green Eggs and Ham. There are only 50 various words utilized in that book. This is a great ending to our Read Across America Week activities. But the challenge from Ms. Kirkfield was to have a maximum word count of only 50 words, not including title.
Here's what I came up with:

Maddie’s Loose Tooth

Maddie’s tooth wiggles.
It needs to come out.
Biting an apple; tying a string
But the tooth held stout.

Maddie danced on the porch
One very rainy day.
Though grandma warned
Maddie didn’t obey.

Down she splatted
Flat on the floor.
She should’ve listened
But her tooth was no more!


  1. This is an amusing story, well done. How I remember those days myself, and with my own children.

    1. Thanks Lynn. This has definitely been the hot topic around the elementary school I work at part-time. And I must tell the truth - this is how I lost my top front tooth. LOL

  2. That's one way to get the tooth out! Well done.

    1. Yep, that was me. I didn't listen to my grandma's warnings, so my top front tooth flew out when I crashed to the wet concrete. And we never found the tooth! LOL

  3. Great job for the #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge, Paula! And I love your blog...what an awesome place to 'get kids writing'...high five!!!!

  4. Found it! Congratulations. Nice story. (And I love your blog! Thanks for your devotion to your students.)

  5. Thanks Joanne. My student readers keep me on my toes - no slacking on the posting of the story or I'll hear about it. LOL