Saturday, February 25, 2017

What? The Kid's Here?

"Chloe, when is your little brother supposed to be here?" McKenzie said as we were packing our backpacks at the end of the day.

"Momma said it would be about four more weeks. I don't know that I'm ready." I rolled my eyes.

Mrs. Taylor's phone rang. "Yes, okay. I'll send her right down." She hung up the phone. "Chloe, you need to take all your things and go down to the office. Mrs. Church is picking you up today."

"Mrs. Church?"

"Yes, honey. Now go on down to the office."

I shrugged. My feet fast-walked down the hall. What was going on?

Mrs. Church stood in the hall outside the office with Brooklyn. "Hey, Chloe. You're going home with us." Mrs. Church bent closer to me. "It seems your baby brother decided to come early."


Mrs. Church nodded. "Sometimes babies do that." She motioned for me to follow. "But that's all right. You can just come home with Brooklyn."

The idea of being with my friend from church didn't sound too bad. I hopped into the back of the car and buckled my seatbelt. But I thought about Momma.

Mrs. Church glanced back at me as she drove out of the school parking lot. "Brooklyn's daddy has to work late tonight, so we can have a girls' Friday night."

Brooklyn clapped her hands. "Yeah. How about we make pizza and watch a movie?"

I nodded. "That does sound like fun." My voice didn't sound excited.

"Don't worry about your momma. I talked to her and your daddy, and she is doing fine. Little Peyton came around lunch time. They're both doing well. We should be able to go see them tomorrow at the hospital." Mrs. Church waved her finger. "I almost forgot. I stopped by your house, and your MeMe had gotten some clothes together for you. They're at our house. So we're all set!"

I did have a fun night at Brooklyn's house. After breakfast I gathered all of my things. I wiggled in my seat during the drive to the hospital.

"Are you okay, Chloe?" Brooklyn said.

"I'm a little bit shaky. I don't know how I feel about having a brother."

Mrs. Church pulled into a parking space at the hospital and turned around. "Things are going to be different. Your parents will have to give your brother lots of attention at first. But they'll do their best to give you attention too. You can help by bringing them things they may need."

"What will I do with him?"

"Well, it will be a while before he can play with you. He'll just need mom and dad for a while." She opened her car door. "Come on. Let's go meet Peyton and see your mom and dad."

I slid slowly out of the car. Brooklyn grabbed my hand and held it all the way into the hospital and up the elevator. Too bad I hadn't gotten a big sister like her. But nobody asked me. I sighed.

We walked quietly into Momma's room. She was propped up in bed, holding a small bundle of blankets.

"Chloe, sweetie, come meet your new little brother." Momma smiled.

I eased around to the side of the bed and stood on my tippy toes. A tiny face was all that showed. His eyes were closed. He had the tiniest nose. All of the sudden his mouth opened into a big O yawn and then closed.

Daddy patted my shoulder. "What do you think of your new brother?"

I shrugged. "Well, he's little."

MeMe laughed. "That he is. I got you something."

I whirled around. I could always count on MeMe.

She slipped a shirt over my head and stepped back. "Perfect."

I looked down, trying to see what was written on the front.

"It says: I'm the Big Sister." MeMe winked at me.

Oh, brother!

Why do you think Chloe was nervous about meeting her new brother?

What do you think will happen when Momma and Peyton come home?

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