Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tutoring and Treehouse

"Momma, I'm gonna go to Sara's house now. She's helping me with my math."

"Okay, honey. Be back for supper," Momma called from the kitchen.

I trotted down the front steps and across the road to Sara's house. At school I had to call her Miss Smith, but she said I could still call her Sara other times. I knocked on the door.

Sara whisked open the door. "Well hello there. Ready for some math magic?" She smiled.

"I hope you have some magic for me. Not sure I'm gonna get it any other way."

"Nonsense. You just need practice."

She closed the door and I followed her to the kitchen table.

"Now, the key to learning two digit addition with regrouping is not to panic when you don't get it the first time." Sara nodded.

I puffed my cheeks full of air and blew it out. "How about if you don't get it the second or third time? We've been working on this all week." I plunked my elbows on the table and plopped my chin on my hands.

Sara giggled. "You'll get it."

We worked for almost an hour. I had gotten the last two problems right without Sara's help.

"See? You're getting it."

"But what if it all runs out of my brain tonight? That has happened before."

"Then we'll put it back in until it stays." Sara hopped up. "Come here. I want to show you something I discovered before you go home."

I followed her out to the back yard. She stopped and pointed up into a big tree.

My mouth flew open. "A treehouse!"

Sara nodded and her eyes got real big. "Yep. I didn't notice it until the other day. Come on. I'll show you."

We climbed the wooden ladder steps.

Sara sat down on the edge and motioned inside. "I think all it needs is a good sweep out."

I looked inside. "How wonderful!"

"Maybe you could help me clean it up a bit. I'd let you play in it."

"That would be great. Like a clubhouse." I hugged her.

"I guess you better get going. Your momma will need you home for supper."

I moved slowly toward the ladder.

"Don't worry. You can come back any time."

I grinned at her. I rushed back into her house and gathered my stuff. "Thanks for the help and for showing me the treehouse."

"You're welcome. See you tomorrow at school." Sara winked.

"Right, Miss Smith." I giggled.

I shot across the street and through the front door. "Momma, Daddy, you won't believe what Sara just showed me."

They were both in the kitchen. When I walked through the doorway, Daddy looked my way. "We're about ready for supper. Wash your hands."

I huffed but turned around and raced to the bathroom. I washed my hands and then dashed back to the dining table and slid into my chair. "So, did you hear what I said?"

"Dear, we need to ask our blessing," Momma said.

I bowed my head. After Daddy said amen, I started to speak but was stopped by Momma talking. "I'm thinking that I like Peyton. You know, mine and Chloe's names would start with C's and your name and Peyton's would start with P's."

I rolled my eyes. They were talking about the kid again.

"What do you think about Peyton?" Daddy asked me.

I shrugged. "Guess we have to call him something." Kid worked for me.

Momma smiled and clapped her hands. "I think it's perfect. Peyton it is."

I gave up on telling them about the treehouse. That's okay. It could be mine and Sara's secret. 

Chloe is having a hard time with two digit addition with regrouping. What is something you have had trouble learning? What advice would you give Chloe on learning something hard?

Have you ever felt a little ignored like Chloe did? How did you feel? How do you think Chloe feels?

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