Saturday, January 21, 2017

One Hundred Today

"Momma, tomorrow is the one hundredth day of school. We're supposed to dress up like we're a hundred. "

"That sounds like fun. Let me think." Momma tapped her finger on her chin.

"I thought since Mrs. Brooks is an old person, she might be able to help me."

Momma cleared her throat. "I don't think that's the best way to approach it."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm just saying, you don't want to offend Mrs. Brooks."

I shook my head. "Naw, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks get me."

"All right. You walk on over and I'll give them a call, letting them know you're coming."


I hurried across the back yards and stepped up onto the Brooks' back porch.

Mr. Brooks slid the door open. "Well, hello there. Hear you're needing some help in dressing up for tomorrow."

"Yep. I thought Mrs. Brooks could help me look one hundred."

Mr. Brooks chuckled. "So your mother said. Come on in." He pushed the door closed behind us. "Louise, I mean, Mrs. Brooks is in her study, already pulling stuff out for you."

"Great." I took off toward the library.

Mrs. Brooks looked up from a pile of stuff on the couch and motioned me over. "Come on in. Let me show you what I found." She held up a dark pair of glasses that almost looked like cat eyes. "Look at these. This are perfect for an old lady. I took the lens out of them but they will still look the part. Here, put them on."

I pushed them up on my face. Mrs. Brooks grinned and nodded. She flung a shawl around my shoulders and pinned it together in the front with a big round jewel-looking thing.

"What is that?"

"That's called a brooch. Not many people wear them nowadays."

"But you wore it back in the olden days?"

"Yep. All you need to do is wear a dress under this shawl. Then you can wear saggy socks and some tennis shoes. You can top off the look with this." She held up a stick. "This is a cane. I had to use it when I had knee replacement."

I took the cane and held it the way I had seen old people do. "How do I look?"

Mrs. Brooks giggled. "Perfect. I told your momma on the phone that she can make your hair look white by putting baby powder in it tomorrow morning."

"Thanks Mrs. Brooks. I'm gonna look just like an old person."

"You'll come over after school and let me see you, right?"

"Of course. I'll have to tell you about our special activities."

"Please do."

I sprinted across the yard and modeled my shawl, glasses, and cane for Momma.

The next morning Momma stood me in the bathtub and sprinkled my hair with powder. I sneezed. Then I put on my dress and shawl with the big pin to hold it. I shoved on the glasses and pretended to hobble down to the kitchen using my cane.

Momma turned around and burst into laughing. "I love it."

Daddy rounded the corner and his eyes got big. "Well, who is this visiting us, Honey?"

I rolled my eyes. "Daddy, it's just me. Do I look one hundred?"

Daddy pursed his lips and studied me. "I'd say you look pretty close."

Since Momma's middle has grown, Daddy drove me to school. I waved as I shut the car door. Daddy blew me a kiss.

I could hardly wait to start this school day. Stepping into the gym, I carefully made my way over to where my class sat.

Bryson pointed at me. "Hey, Chloe, that's a great costume."

I plopped down on the bleacher. "Thanks. My neighbor helped me."

Soon we filed down the hallway to Mrs. Taylor's classroom. The first grade hall had streamers hanging down and a large sign that said: Happy One Hundredth Day of School.

Mrs. Taylor explained the stations we would go through and then paired us up. My partner was Amy.

"Amy, I'm glad we are partners."

"Me too. Let's start here with the 100 cups."

The two of us worked with as steady of hands as we could to stack the cups. Then we had to link 100 straws.

A loud crash boomed from the stacking cups. Dylan and Weston laughed and started stacking again.

With our first two activities done, me and Amy started counting out ten of all the things on a table. There were different kinds of foods like cereal. We collected all 100 items and set out to make a picture of some sort.

"Ah ha! I'm going to make a princess out of mine." I arranged the pieces and started gluing.

"That's a good idea," Amy said.

When our masterpieces were complete, me and Amy joined some others working on two one hundred piece puzzles.

After a few minutes of placing pieces, I sighed. "Whew, I didn't realize this would be so hard."

"I know. One hundred pieces is a lot." Amy nodded.

The fun activities went by in lickety split time.

After school I raced over to Mr. and Mrs. Brooks' house and knocked on the back door.

Mr. Brooks opened the door and his forehead crinkled. "Hey Louise, are you expecting a friend?"

Mrs. Brooks walked into the kitchen. "Not that I know of."

"It's just me. Chloe Ann Parker." I stepped inside and spun around. "Do I look one hundred?"

Mr. Brooks crossed his arms over his chest. "Not a day over ninety-nine." He laughed. "Would you care for some cookies?"

"Chocolate chip?"

"Why, of course, ma'am. Is there any other kind?" His eyebrows rose.

I turned on my old lady voice. "No sir, no there ain't."

Why did Momma say that Chloe might offend Mrs. Brooks?

What type of school activities do you get excited about? List some and tell about your most favorite.

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