Saturday, January 14, 2017

Aw, No Pink!

"Chloe, are you ready?" Momma called up the stairs.

"Yeah, Momma. I'm coming." I skipped down the stairs.

During breakfast Momma and Daddy talked about going shopping. I've always liked seeing the latest fashions. But Momma had mentioned looking for baby things. That part didn't excite me too much. Again, this kid isn't even here yet, but the kid's room is getting filled with all kind of stuff. I rolled my eyes.

Daddy let me and Momma out at the mall entrance. He soon returned after parking the car. He smiled. "Where shall we start?"

Momma grabbed his hand and motioned to me. "Let's go to the kids' section."

We passed by the most beautifulest pink shirt and pants set. I stopped in my tracks. Noticing Momma and Daddy kept walking, I whisper-yelled. "Hey, wait a minute."

They whirled around.

"Look at this. Isn't it divine?"

Momma glanced at Daddy and then looked at me. "Honey, we're here to look for things for the baby."

"Is he coming tomorrow?"

"Well, no."

"So why does he need clothes and stuff now?"

Daddy knelt down next to me. "We have to get ready for him to come."

Momma nodded. "Yeah, we did the same thing for you."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm guessing since it's a boy that means no pink."

Daddy chuckled. "Yep. Boys don't normally wear pink. They wear blue."

"And you're sure it's a boy?"

Momma smiled. "Yes, we're sure."

"How can you be so sure? If I were ordering, I would have ordered a girl."

"That's not the way it works. You don't get to order babies. But you can find out what it is by the sonogram test. They move this thing over my stomach and they can see the baby." She motioned for me to follow. "Let's find a cute outfit for me to bring him home in."


We walked down the aisle and turned right into the baby section. Daddy stopped and held up a hideous shirt with a goofy animal on the front. I shook my head. This kid really did need my help already. I needed to make sure he wouldn't be embarrassed with the clothes they picked out for him.

Momma held up some kind of sweater-type all in one outfit. Oh, no. That one would embarrass more than just the kid. 

I marched over to a rack and shuffled through until I found the perfect thing. "Momma, Daddy, what about this?" I held it up.

They turned around. Momma's mouth formed into a big O and she put her hands on both sides of her face. "Now that is just precious." She swiped under her eyes.

"If it's precious, why are you crying?" I shrugged.

Daddy patted my back. "Mommas get a little bit emotional when they are pregnant."

"Oh. So, you do like it?"

Momma wrapped her arm around my shoulders and squeezed. "I love it. It's perfect." She held the garment up and read the words out loud. "I'm the Little Brother."

Do you think Chloe might be starting to accept that she will have a baby brother? What makes you think that?

Can you think of other ways Chloe could help prepare for the baby's coming? Make a list.

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