Monday, December 26, 2016

My Life is Over!

I thought we would never get finished with Christmas dinner. But finally we all gathered in the living room.

"Okay, Chloe, you be Santa Claus and pass out the gifts," Momma said.

"Gladly." I piled gifts in front of Momma, Daddy, MeMe, PopPop, and even Mr. and Mrs. Brooks. I pushed the presents with my name on them together and plunked down next to them in the floor.

We took turns opening gifts until all were unwrapped. I was still curious. The large box I had spied out in the blue room upstairs wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Momma and Daddy stood. Maybe this was it. They probably couldn't wrap such a large box. I couldn't sit still. Whatever could it be?

"We have one remaining gift to let you all in on," Daddy said. He looked at Momma.

Momma smiled.

I started to stand up but waited when Momma started to speak.

"Some of you know part of this gift. I'm happy to announce that we will have an addition to our family in the spring. And we've just found out that it will be a baby boy."

MeMe and PopPop jumped up. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks joined them. They were hugging and shaking hands. I couldn't move.

"Chloe, honey, what do you think? You'll have a little brother." Momma looked at me.

"My life is over! A baby is taking my place."

Daddy knelt next to me and patted my back. "No, not taking your place. No one could do that. You'll be a big sister."

"You're sure it's a boy?"

Momma nodded. "Yes, it's a boy."

It was starting to make sense. The room across the hall painted blue. A boy color. "What will I do with a boy?"

MeMe clasped her hands in front of her chest and smiled. "You'll be a big helper and teach him things."

Momma motioned to the group. "Come on upstairs and see the room. It's coming together."

Everyone hurried behind Momma. I stood up and dragged my feet up the stairs. The group disappeared into the blue room. Immediately MeMe and Mrs. Brooks talked excitedly at the same time. I rounded the corner just in time to see Daddy scoot the big box out and reveal what was inside. A crib.

I held a hand on my forehead and shook my head. Ugh. This is really happening. I don't think I'm ready for this. 


Why do you think Chloe isn't excited about having a baby brother?

What would you say to make her feel better or encourage her?

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