Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Sneaking

Now that I'm out of school for Christmas Break, me and Momma are busy cleaning and baking. I got a big thumbs up from Momma and Daddy for cleaning my room.

"Chloe, let's have some soup before we start making sugar cookies," Momma said.

"Okay. Can I have potato?"

"Of course." Momma smiled.

We both sat on a stool with our bowls of soup. Steam floated up. I scooped up a bite and blew on it.

The front door opened. "Hey, it's me," Daddy's voice called.

But Daddy didn't come right into the kitchen. Where was he? Momma just hopped down and pulled another bowl from the cabinet. She filled it with creamy soup and sat it next to me with another spoon.

Finally Daddy jogged into the room and kissed Momma on the forehead. He sat down next to me and winked. "Hey, how's my girls?"

"We're getting ready to make cookies, right Momma?"

Momma nodded. "Yep. We have to have decorated Christmas cookies."

"I wonder if Mr. Brooks likes sugar cookies like he does chocolate chip." Daddy chuckled.

"Well, I like sugar cookies, but I like chocolate chip a little more. I bet Mr. Brooks is like me. We agree on those kinds of things." I looked at Momma. "But don't worry, Momma, I will eat the sugar cookies too. The most fun is decorating them."

"I understand. I'm really glad that MeMe and PopPop are coming here. And that we can have Mr. and Mrs. Brooks and Sara join us too. It'll be fun to celebrate here in our home." Momma rubbed her hands together. "And make things a little easier."

"Make what things easier?"

Momma shook her head. "Oh, nothing."

Daddy wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Mm, I came home at just the right time. Thanks for the soup. Now I have to get back to the office. I'll see you two later." He started out of the kitchen but turned around. "Since I'm going to miss this baking expedition, save me a broken one to try, will you?" His eyebrows raised.

Momma crossed her arms. "We'll think about it."

Me and Momma made two big batches of sugar cookies. Some had sprinkles and some had icing and sprinkles.

Momma swiped her hand across her forehead. "Whew, I'm plum give out." She laughed. "I sound like PopPop."

I nodded.

"You should probably go upstairs and wash your hands." She tweaked my nose. "You might want to check your cheek and chin too. Think you've got some evidence there."

"Be right back. I'll help you put the cookies in the big container."

I raced up the stairs and flipped on the bathroom light. I giggled. Momma was right. My cheek had white powder on it, and my chin had dried icing. I washed my hands and then grabbed a washcloth.

As I started out, the door to the bedroom across from mine closed. I stepped back and peeked around the corner. The door opened again and Daddy moved into the hallway and eased the door shut. He hurried off down the stairs.

Curiouser. Momma and Daddy had been in and out of that room. I would just take a little look. I tiptoed to the door and grasped the knob. I turned it slowly and slid it open. I ducked inside.

The paint smell was almost gone. I wonder why they keep closing the door? A white rocking chair was in the far corner of the room. A long box leaned against the wall next to me. It came to my shoulders. What could be in such a big box? And why were they still closing the door? They seemed to be sneaking things in.

Suddenly, I gasped. Christmas presents. That had to be it. I knew I had better stop snooping before I got into trouble. I peeked out the door. No one. I closed it softly and headed downstairs.

What kind of present could be in a big box like that? A big girl bicycle? Probably too big for that. The parts for a treehouse?

I wanted to squeal. Now I really couldn't wait for whatever surprise was hidden in that blue room. Only a few more days and I'd know.


Do you feel curious at Christmas? What do you feel curious about?

Chloe is convinced that the big box is something for her. What do you think? Do you think the box is a gift for her? If not, what do you think it is?

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