Monday, May 2, 2016

Bootiful and Adorable

As soon as Daddy finished the prayer for our supper, I just had to share. "Did you know that Mrs. Potts is amazing at drawing? She is teaching us to draw all kinds of farm animals."

"That's sounds really neat." Daddy nodded.

"It is. We've drawn a turkey and a cow and a pig. Momma, my cow and pig are truly adorable."

"I can't wait to see them," Momma said.

"We have this big barn for them and everything. Mrs. Potts said that a lot of parents will frame the barn and animals and keep it forever. I just know you'll want to do that with mine. They're bootiful."

"I'm sure I will. I'm sentimental like that." Momma shrugged.

Daddy laughed. "Yes, you are." He looked at me. "Momma still has letters we wrote to each other when we were in school."

Pink spread across Momma's cheeks. "Guilty. I just can't part with those precious things."

"Are they love letters?" I giggled.

Momma's cheeks reddened and she chuckled. "I suppose you would say that's what they were. Not really good ones, but they were supposed to be love letters."

Daddy winked at Momma and she grinned.

"Aw, how romantical."

"Yep, romantical. That was me," Daddy said.

"Well, as romantical as a boy in middle school could be." Momma rolled her eyes.

I laid my hands over my heart and fluttered my lashes. "You two are almost as adorable as my cow and pig."

Daddy crossed his arms over his chest. "Well now, isn't that an honor!"


What kind of projects have you done that you were especially proud of? What made you proud of those projects?

Why do you think Momma likes to keep things? Why would she call them precious things?

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