Saturday, May 7, 2016

But I don't want to go to First Grade!

Mrs. Potts smiled her sweet smile. "Class, when you return on Monday, we will have only seven days of Kindergarten remaining. I just know you will all do a great job next year in first grade."

I raised my hand.

"Yes, Chloe."

"Mrs. Potts, I'm not sure I really want to go to first grade. I don't want to leave you."

"Sweetheart, that is so sweet. I will miss you, too. But you all are growing up. You are ready."

I wasn't so sure about that.

Later at home, I told Momma about wanting to stay with Mrs. Potts. "Momma, first grade might be too hard. They probably don't go on many field trips. I bet the homework is hard and I'll have it every night. I just know they won't help me like Mrs. Potts has. What if my teacher is mean?"

"Honey, I know you'll do fine in first grade. Mrs. Potts has made sure you're ready. And I bet you'll have a teacher you love just as much as Mrs. Potts."

"But I can only count to one hundred twenty. Christian can count all the way to two hundred."

"Now Chloe, you have to understand that there will be others who will be better at some things than you. There will be things you excel in above others. Everyone is different. God made us unique with our own gifts and abilities. You just do your best."

I still wasn't convinced I wanted to move on to first grade. Is there not one thing I could do to stay in kindergarten?


Have you ever been afraid to start something new? Explain.

Write a letter to Chloe. Explain why she shouldn't be afraid. Encourage her by giving reasons she can look forward to going to first grade.

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