Saturday, November 12, 2016

MeMe and PopPop

“Chloe Ann Parker,” the teacher called.
I jumped up and shimmied into my backpack straps. I had to slow my feet. No need to get in trouble for running. But I was excited that MeMe was picking me up from school today. Momma and Daddy had to go somewhere. Probably a boring meeting.
I hopped up into MeMe’s back seat.
“There’s my girl.” MeMe smiled. “Buckle up and we’ll be on our way.”
MeMe always called me ‘my girl.’ I wondered if maybe she forgot my real name. That didn’t matter because MeMe always remembered my favorite things.
“How was school today?”
“Fine. But I kept thinking about going to your house. Where’s PopPop?”
“Oh, he’s playing golf with his buddies. I’m sure he’ll come wandering home when supper rolls around.” She chuckled.
As soon as we got to MeMe’s house, we headed straight for the kitchen.
“How about a fresh apple muffin? Made them fresh today.”
“Yes, please.” I plunked into a chair at the table. My mouth watered just thinking about MeMe’s muffins.
“There you go.” MeMe joined me at the table. “Now, what kind of homework do we have to tackle before our Chinese checkers tournament begins?”
“I have a math page to finish and a book to read.” I bit into the muffin. “Mmm, yummy.” I gulped my chocolate milk and swallowed. “Sorry. Shouldn’t talk with my mouth full.”
I plopped the last bite of muffin in my mouth, finished my milk, and wiped my mouth with the napkin. My math page was completed lickety-split. MeMe checked it.
“Can I read you this book? We have to record it on this bookmark. You’ll have to put your inishu … inichals. I always forget that word. You know, the letters for your name.”
“Initials?” Meme’s eyebrows popped up.
“Yeah, that’s it.”  
When my homework was finished, we had just enough time for a couple of rounds of Chinese checkers. MeMe won the first game, but I won the next one.
MeMe clapped her hands together. “Best clean this up and get supper going. Guess what we’re having.”
“Your breaded chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and green beans.”
“Yep. Your favorites. And you know what’s for dessert, right?”
“Chocolate chip cookies!”
“You got it.” She nodded.
Just as we started to sit down to eat, PopPop came in. I jumped up to give him a hug. “Now who’s this big girl? Some stranger who wandered in off the street? Can’t be my little Chloe bug.” He laughed. It sounded like Santa Claus.
“Yep, it’s me, PopPop.”
“Well now, you just will not stop your growing.” He stroked his chin.
“Come on, you two. Let’s eat before this gets cold. Don’t much care for cold taters.” MeMe motioned toward our chairs.
PopPop prayed. Not much talking happened until we all wiped our mouths. PopPop rubbed his belly. “Have mercy, I’m full as a tick on a dog.”
PopPop hobbled into the den. Me and MeMe carried the dishes to the sink. I liked to help with the dishes. MeMe washed the dishes the good old fashion way. That was what she said. She had no use for a new-fangled dishwasher. That was what hands were for.
I dragged a chair from the table to the sink and pushed up my sleeves. On the second plate some soap splatted out onto the floor. “Sorry, MeMe.”
“It don’t hurt nothing. The soapy water will just make my floors cleaner.”
We finished up and joined PopPop in the den. He had the TV on one of his favorite shows, Lawrence Welk. “They don’t make good quality shows like this anymore.” His head started to bobble.
MeMe elbowed me. “Seems PopPop can’t quite make it through his favorite show.”
“What?” He shook his head and cleared his throat. “I’m just checking my eyelids for holes.”
I giggled.
The doorbell rang and MeMe scurried to answer it. She came back around the corner with Momma and Daddy.
PopPop stood up. “Lord, we’ve had to give this little girl such whoopings for being so bad.” He laughed again just like Santa Claus.
“I can imagine,” Daddy said.
“Thank you, Mom and Dad. I hope she didn’t eat you out of house and home.” Momma grinned at me.
“Sakes alive, no. If I can feed your father, I can feed a little girl.”
We all walked to the front door and out onto the porch.
Momma patted my back. “Honey, why don’t you go ahead and get in the car with Daddy. I’ll be right there.”
I shrugged. “Okay. Thanks MeMe and PopPop.” I hugged them both then raced to the car.
After strapping in, I watched as Momma talked and then MeMe clapped her hands and grabbed Momma in a big hug. Then PopPop hugged them both.  

Do you have grandparents or someone you like to spend time with? Describe them.

Chloe likes how her MeMe always remembers her favorite things. What are some things you like about your grandparents or person you spend time with? 

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