Saturday, September 17, 2016

Putting the Plan into Action

I needed a little more help with the details of my plan to get Mrs. Smith and Mr. Brooks together. I shivered a bit. All this falling in the love stuff gave me the heebie geebies, but if it would help Mrs. Smith be nice all the time, it was worth it.

The line leader opened the door to the playground, and everyone whisked out.

“Hey, guys, I need some help.” I waved my hand for some friends to join me.

“What’s up, Chloe?” Kelly said.

“Well, I’m planning on sending notes to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Brooks from each other like y’all suggested. But I’m not quite sure how to word them. I do know that my momma has a box full of love notes that she and my daddy wrote to each other when they were younger.”

“Yeah, you should use two of those notes. It worked for your mom and dad, right? They got married.” Angela shrugged.

“You’re right, Angela.”

“You know, you should cover your parents’ names. You could use a little piece of paper and glue them down,” Belinda said.

I nodded. “Good idea.” I tapped my mouth with my finger, thinking. “The notes probably won’t have anything about meeting each other.”

“You could take Mrs. Smith’s dog to Mr. Brooks’ house, and he’d have to return her,” Emalie spoke up.

“Perfect. Now I just have to put the plan into action. I’ll let you know how things go.”


After school, I slipped upstairs and into Momma and Daddy’s bedroom while Momma made supper. Momma had showed me the love note box not long ago. I eased the closet door open and pushed back her hanging dresses a bit. There it is. I snatched the shoebox and sprinted to my bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind me.

I opened the lid and pulled out a couple of pages. I unfolded the first letter and read.

Dear Charis,
You look so pretty today. I really like you and hope you like me too. Would you like to go with me and be my girlfriend? Please let me know.
Love, Preston

“That might work,” I whispered to myself.

I opened the letter just below it.

Dear Preston,
You are so nice. I would like to be your girlfriend and go with you.
Love, Charis

These were perfect. I quickly shoved the lid back on top of the shoebox and tiptoed to Momma’s closet. I pushed it inside and ran back to my room.

I cut four small pieces of paper and glued them over the names. I used my best printing to write out Louise and Roy. It felt funny to write their first names.

I put the notes into envelopes and wrote the names on the front. The mail had already run today. How could I get these notes into their hands? I giggled. I was like an undercover detective or something.

“I know.” I would tape Mrs. Smith’s note from Mr. Brooks on her door and knock and run. Then I’ll tape on Mr. Brooks’ door and ring the doorbell. I could give him time to read it then walk Rosy over and leave her. I rubbed my hands together.

I slipped out and had the notes taped to their two doors lickety-split. Barely pulling the curtain back, I watched Mr. Brooks open his door and pull off the note.

“Momma, I’m gonna go play with Rosy a few minutes.” I hurried out the back door and across the back yard.

I knocked on Mrs. Smith’s door. She slid it open. I didn’t give her time to say anything. “Is it all right if I play and exercise Rosy for a little bit?”

“Okay. I think I may sit on the porch and watch you.”

“Oh, are you sure you don’t have some work to do inside?”

Mrs. Smith cocked her head to the side. “Why do you ask?”

I shrugged. “No reason.”

“I’ll just put on my other shoes.”

Rosy ran out and jumped up and down.

“Come on, girl.” I took off down the deck steps and into the yard.

I turned back around. Mrs. Smith pushed the door shut and walked away from the window. Now was my chance. I strapped the leash onto Rosy’s collar and bolted toward Mr. Brooks’ house. I eased the glass door open and looped the leash around the handle and closed it back. I rang the doorbell and rushed behind one of his bushes.

The door opened. “Hey, little dog. Aren’t you Rosy? Mrs. Smith’s dog?”

Just then I popped out from behind the bush and put both my hands on my chest. “Oh, thank goodness. You found Louise, I mean, Mrs. Smith’s dog.”

Mr. Brooks grinned. “Yes, I certainly did.”

“I’ve got to get home for supper. Could you take her back to Mrs. Smith for me?”

“Of course.” He pulled his front door shut behind him and held to Rosy’s leash. “You wouldn’t know how she got here, would you?”

I shrugged several times. “Momma says she is a spirited little dog. And don’t be fooled by her short legs. She can run fast.” I took off across the street. “Thanks for taking her back. You probably should walk her around to Mrs. Smith’s back porch.”

I dashed around to the back of my house and hurried onto the deck. I squatted down and peeked through one of the deck railings.

Mr. Brooks walked up Mrs. Smith’s deck steps and knocked on her door. Mrs. Smith was definitely not mad at him for having Rosy. They were laughing. Both of them glanced toward my house and I ducked down low. Then Mr. Brooks followed Mrs. Smith and Rosy into her house.

I clapped my hands. “This is working better than I thought.”

“What is working?” Momma said.

As I turned around, she was standing behind me.

I stood up. What should I say? Momma would never approve of me meddling. That was her word for poking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. But this was a good thing. Both Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Smith looked really happy.

“Anyway, you need to wash up for supper. Did you exercise Rosy?” Momma opened the door wider.

“Yep, I exercised her real good.”


Chloe knows that her momma wouldn't want her to be meddling in other people's business. What does that mean? 

Should Chloe be meddling in Mr. Brooks' and Mrs. Smith's business? Why or why not? 

What do you think will happen next?

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