Thursday, March 17, 2016

Like Mary Poppins

Momma picked me up after my second day of school. The principal, Dr. Crum, had been right. I really liked my teacher, Mrs. Potts. In fact, I just loved her.

At supper Daddy asked about my day.

"Well, I have to say that it hasn't turned out stinky at all. I've already made a friend. Her name is Katie. She likes to giggle. She sounds like a little squirrel. And my teacher is like ... she is like Mary Poppins!"

"Practically perfect in every way?" momma asked.

"No, the other ginormous word."

"You mean supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?"

"That's it! That's what she's like. Super - frog - alicious."

Momma nodded. "I'm sure she would be happy to know she's super-frog-alicious."

"Yeah." A yawn slipped out. "I know. I'll make her a picture. Will you help me write the big word on it?"

"Of course. Now finish your supper. You seem a bit tired."

"Today we had PE and recess and I had to use my thinker a lot." I swiped my hand across my forehead. "Whew. Kindergarten can really wear you out sometimes."

Later I slipped into my princess pajamas and climbed into my bed. I sat up, criss cross applesauce. Momma walked in and hung some clean clothes in my closet.

"Momma, did you know that next week is Spring Break?"

Momma sat on the side of my bed. "Yes, Honey."

"Well, I was thinking that maybe my new friend Katie could come over. Do you think you could talk to her momma?"

Momma patted my leg. "I believe I could do that. I'll be helping with your spring activities tomorrow. I think Katie's momma is helping too. I'll try to talk to her."

"Oh, try real hard, Momma.

Momma kissed my forehead. "I will. Now, time to pray and then rest that thinker for tomorrow."


After saying our bedtime prayer, I scooted down under my comforter. I kept thinking and thinking about all of the fun things me and Katie could do when she came over. We could play princesses and camp out in the tent in the living room and bake cookies with Momma and make a craft and go on a mystery adventure in the back yard and ........


Chloe likes her teacher and all that she does for her. She will show Mrs. Potts her appreciation by making her a picture. Is there someone you appreciate? Make that person a picture or write that person a note.

Chloe falls asleep thinking up all the ways she and Katie can have fun during Spring Break. Make a list of fun things you could do during Spring Break.

Check in next week during Spring Break to see what kind of fun Chloe and Katie might have.


  1. Chloe is awesome and love her teacher, Mrs. Potts.

  2. I believe Chloe hit it right on the nail, comparing Mrs. Potts with Mary Poppins. Someone else at school today agreed.