Saturday, October 8, 2016

It Doesn't Pay to Tease

As me and Momma walked into the school gym, I couldn't believe all of the games and people everywhere. Another mommy stopped Momma and they were talking. I just looked around, deciding what might be fun to try.

"Hey, Chloe!" Jill ran over to me.

"Hi, Jill. Wow, there's a lot to do."

"Jill, Chloe." Emalie joined us. "What have y'all done so far?"

Jill tilted her head. "Well, I've played a few games."

Emalie looked at me.

"Oh, I just got here. I haven't had the chance to check out anything."

"You know there's a haunted house." Emalie's eyes got big.

"I don't really like haunted houses. They scare me." I shivered.

"What a chicken!" A tall boy called out from beside me. "Can't even handle a little haunted house?"

I bit my bottom lip because it felt like it might start to shake. Tears wanted to slide out of my eyes but I blinked hard. I didn't want the big boy to tease me any more.

Jill and Emalie both slammed their fists on their hips. "That's not very nice," Jill said.

"Yeah, don't be a bully," Emalie added.

"Whatever. She should just stay near her mommy since she's such a baby."

As the boy wandered off with one of his friends, McKenzie walked up and put her arm around my shoulders. "Don't let that mean boy bother you. You're not a baby."

"Yeah." Brayden walked up followed by Dylan and Bryson. "You know, we should teach that bully a lesson."

 "How can we do that?" Bryson shrugged.

Brayden held up one finger. "I've got an idea. Let's scare him."

"Yeah, we could wait for him at the end of the haunted house," Dylan added.

"Momma, can I go with my friends?" I asked Momma in a sweet voice.

"Okay, but come right back here."

The six of us scurried off. Brayden knew someone who was working at the haunted house. "Do you think we could borrow a couple of those scary masks?"

"Sure." The older girl handed Brayden three masks.

Brayden motioned. "This way. Follow me." He lowered his voice. In the hallway, he turned around. "Bryson, you and Dylan stand here. When you see those two bullies go into the haunted house, come tell us. Then we can be ready on the other side." His eyebrows wiggled.

The rest of us got into position at the exit of the haunted house. Brayden, Emalie, and Jill pushed the scary masks onto their faces. McKenzie stood next to me.

I quivered. "Ew, you all look creepy."

Suddenly, Bryson and Dylan came around the corner. "They're inside," they said in a loud whisper.

The black plastic curtain was pulled aside and the two boys sauntered out. Brayden, Emalie, and Jill jumped out in front of them and yelled. "Now we've got you."

The two boys' eyes bulged open and they squealed.

Brayden yanked off his mask. "Man, you two squeal like little girls."

"So since you all were scared by these masks, does that mean you're babies?" McKenzie crossed her arms over her chest.

One of the boys grinned. "Well, I have to say, you got us." He elbowed his friend.

"I do believe you owe Chloe an apology." Jill joined McKenzie in crossing her arms.

The boy turned toward me. "Look, kid, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have teased you like that. I'm no bully."

"Thanks. I'm glad you're not a bully."

The boy patted my shoulder. "But you don't have to be afraid. It's all just pretend. And you have some good friends here to go with." He and his friend walked back toward the gym.

Emalie looked at me. "So, what do ya say? Want to go through?"

"Naw, if it's okay, I'll just wait for y'all here. But don't worry. I won't be waiting to scare you at the end."

We laughed together.

I really have made some good friends. The kind that stick up for me and care about me. I smiled and waited for them at the end of the haunted house.


Has anyone ever teased you? What did the person tease you about?

Chloe said that her friends stick up for her and care about her. What does she mean that they stick up for her?

Have you ever had to stick up for your friends? Explain what happened.

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